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Professional Support for Assessment & Rating in Sydney

The ECE agency will support you with your assessment and rating visit.

QIP/Self-Assessment Support Services

The ECE Agency is committed to ensuring your Assessment and Rating visit is as seamless and efficient as possible. Operating out of Sydney, we’re keenly aware of the unique needs of ECE services throughout the region. Our services have been meticulously crafted to not only help you develop and maintain a QIP or SAT but to also ensure that they encapsulate the essence of YOUR service and team.


Every ECE service has its own narrative, its own heartbeat, and we aim to translate that into your documentation. Whether you’re just initiating your QIP/SAT journey or seeking ways to enhance it further, our support services can help. From kickstarting the QIP/SAT process and identifying areas of improvement to drawing out the exceeding themes in your established practices and ensuring every page of your documentation mirrors your day-to-day operations, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Full-Day Assessment & Rating Visit Support

We get it—Assessment and Rating visits can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we’re here to offer our full-day in-person support, tailored to provide you with the utmost reassurance and preparedness.


Even if you’re not based in Sydney, fret not! We offer virtual services across Australia to cater to all ECE services. Our specialists from The ECE Agency can join you remotely at your centre, fostering an environment where your educators can interact freely and confidently.


Through our support services, we engage your team in enlightening Q&A sessions, assist in maintaining smooth interactions with the children, and even provide specialised support for the educational leader with mock questions and in-depth guidance. Before we wrap up, a final compliance check is conducted, ensuring everything is in place and that your team feels confident and prepared.


With The ECE Agency by your side, consider your jitters eased and your preparations sorted.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)?

A QIP is a strategic plan that details the strengths and areas for improvement against the National Quality Standard (NQS) for a childcare service. It's a living document, updated regularly to show how a service is working towards continuously improving their offerings.

What does the National Quality Standard (NQS) cover?

The NQS comprises seven Quality Areas, which further break down into standards and elements. These areas cover aspects such as Educational Program and Practice; Children's Health and Safety; Physical Environment; Staffing Arrangements; Relationships with Children; Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities; and Leadership and Service Management.

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