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Policies, Procedures & Ongoing Childcare Compliance in Sydney

Need help with existing policies and procedures?

Ongoing Childcare Compliance

In today’s evolving landscape, it’s paramount that early learning establishments consistently operate at the highest standards of quality. At The ECE Agency in Sydney, we are dedicated to reviving the essence of world-class practices in ECE.


How? By overhauling your existing services to ensure they resonate with the pinnacle of quality. Our rich tapestry of 20+ years in Early Childhood Operations Management means we’re adept at auditing your current policies and procedures. This deep dive is not just about identifying gaps; it’s about handholding, guiding and supporting you in revamping or revisiting them.


As the Department of Education amplifies its childcare compliance visits, our full-day compliance audit support visit ensures you’re not just prepared, but ahead. This entails a full-service audit that pans across Health and Safety (inclusive of First Aid Checks), Kitchen Audits, Emergency Evacuations and Planning, Allergy and Asthma Management, Incident and Injury Management – Department Assistance, and even Rostering and Staff Qualification Audits.

Bespoke Policy & Procedure Assessments

Our tailor-made compliance spot check is designed for those moments when you require a more focused lens on a specific segment of your operations. Perhaps you want to delve deep into your documentation practices or evaluate your risk management parameters—whatever the need, we curate the assessment day to match your unique requirement. Typically, these spot checks span half a day, averaging around three hours, although flexibility reigns supreme based on your specific areas of need.


Every assessment is followed by a detailed report, delineating areas of enhancement and actionable recommendations. And because we believe in nurturing relationships and continuous elevation, we also offer ongoing monthly compliance check-ins. Think of this as your ECE well-being routine, with our experts periodically checking in, conducting on-the-spot checks and ensuring that your establishment is always ahead in the compliance game.


With The ECE Agency by your side, excellence is not just an aspiration; it’s a journey we embark on together.


What is childcare compliance?

Childcare compliance encompasses the adherence to an array of local, state, and national regulations, standards, and guidelines that govern the operation and provision of childcare services. It's the framework that ensures children are cared for in safe, healthy, nurturing, and educational environments.

How often should childcare policies and procedures be reviewed?

Childcare policies and procedures should undergo a regular review, typically annually or bi-annually, to ensure their relevance and effectiveness. The dynamic nature of the childcare sector, influenced by factors such as advancements in early childhood education, changes in societal values, and evolving legal and safety standards, demands that these documents stay up-to-date.


A regular review does more than just ensure compliance with legislation. It helps:


  • Address any gaps or inconsistencies that may have been identified during their application.
  • Integrate feedback from staff, parents, and even children to make the policies more comprehensive and effective.
  • Ensure that the childcare facility remains at the forefront of best practices, ensuring optimal care and educational outcomes for the children.
  • Adapt to changes in the local community, such as cultural shifts, which might necessitate adjustments in how care is provided.


In essence, a periodic review is a proactive approach to ensure the highest standards in childcare delivery.

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