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Meet Your Virtual Childcare Operations Manager in Sydney

Our virtual operations manager role supports childcare centre directors and owners across Sydney and Australia.

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Streamlined Operational Support

With 15 years in Operational Management, The ECE Agency is well-versed in the intricacies of running an educational centre, managing relationships with staff, families and children and adhering to sector regulations. Our founder, an experienced early childhood teacher and consultant, ensures we’re aligned with the sector’s latest trends, thanks to our strong ties with ECE affiliations and NFP companies.


We offer tailored support for Approved Providers and Directors, taking on numerous administrative, compliance and management tasks. From email correspondence and handling grievances to HR support, service approvals and financial tasks—we cover it all.


Essentially, we offer the advantages of an Operations Manager at nearly half the cost, ensuring both professional support for your business and financial viability. This is especially beneficial for stand-alone services that may not have the budget for a full-time Operations Manager.


Consider the numerous benefits of a Virtual Childcare Operations Manager for your enterprise in Sydney or anywhere across Australia.

Benefits of A Virtual Childcare Operations Manager

Make running your business smoother with our tailored solutions. The ECE Agency offers comprehensive support—from administrative duties, staffing, compliance and social media management to policy reviews. Plus, we’re experts in Assessment and Rating. Envision a Virtual Childcare Operations Manager at the helm, letting you focus on the joys of directing your business, backed by a dependable support system. Enhance your curriculum and critical reflection processes with our insights, setting a solid foundation for Quality Area 1.


Interested in costs? Our Virtual Operations Manager comes at nearly half the price of an onsite counterpart. Services start at a minimum of 8 hours per week, adaptable to your needs.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Virtual Childcare Operations Management?

Virtual Childcare Operations Management refers to the virtual planning, execution, and oversight of childcare services. This new model has emerged due to the need for flexibility and digital solutions in the childcare industry, especially given changes in work and social behaviours due to technological advancements and unforeseen circumstances like pandemics.

How can a Childcare Operations Manager improve the quality of care?

A Childcare Operations Manager can improve the quality of care by implementing best practices, providing ongoing training for staff, introducing innovative educational programs, and actively seeking feedback from parents and caregivers to continuously refine and improve services.

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