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The ECE agency understands that sometimes your business may only need help in specific areas at one time or another. This is where our one-off support services come in.

One-on-One Support for Your Centre

The journey of every early childhood education centre is unique. At The ECE Agency, based in Sydney, we acknowledge that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the needs and challenges you face. Perhaps you’re encountering compliance concerns or seeking ways to enhance your digital presence? This is precisely why our One OFF support services were conceptualised.


Tailored to deliver precise solutions to your specific needs, these services are not just about problem-solving but also about unlocking growth potential. Between our one-off compliance spot checks, marketing support, decluttering services and social media posting—we’ve got you covered.


And the best part? Although we’re located in Sydney, our early childhood consultant services are accessible Australia-wide, ensuring that geographical constraints never stand in the way of excellence.

Revitalise, Rebrand & Lead with Confidence

Transitioning your centre or stepping into a leadership role can usher in a myriad of challenges. The ECE Agency, well-entrenched in the world of early childhood education, is poised to be your guiding light. If your centre feels like it’s time for a fresh start, rebranding can be the catalyst for revitalising your vision and presence.


We assist both new and seasoned ECE services in seamlessly adopting a fresh brand identity. This may include name change and approval process recommendations, designing a transformative logo, vision, and philosophy, or the more intricate aspects like interior design overhaul.


We also understand the weight of a leadership role, especially for a newly appointed Centre Director. Beyond rebranding, we offer unwavering support to leaders in the form of one-on-one guidance, director templates, routines, recruitment and HR assistance, and even system customisations. Whether it’s your brand or your leadership journey, we’re here to simplify, amplify, and support every step of the way.

Exciting News For Early Childhood Education Owners & Directors

Are you an enthusiastic owner of an early childhood education centre? 


Do you aspire to create an enriching and nurturing environment for young minds to flourish? 


Do you just need someone to guide, support and give you the confidence in your decision-making processes? 


A sounding board to run your ideas by?


Look no further! 


I am thrilled to introduce our new mentorship program designed exclusively for early childhood owners like you.


Our Mentorship Program Highlights:


  • Tailored Guidance: Benefit from personalised guidance and support tailored to your unique goals and challenges.
  • Expert Insights: Gain invaluable insights from a seasoned professional in the field, sharing their wisdom and experience to help you navigate the early childhood landscape.
  • Sounding Board: Talk to us and we can provide you with proven strategies to enhance your interactions with your teams, optimise operations, and create a thriving educational ecosystem.


Program Details:


Duration: 3 months 


Format: Bi-weekly virtual sessions with us: supplemented by tailor-made resources. 


Don’t miss this chance to elevate your early childhood education center to new heights! Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and create a brighter leader in you! 


For more information and to apply, visit our website www.theeceagency.com or email me at hello@theeceagency.com 

Because a strong leader is never left standing alone… everyone needs a mentor.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Early Childhood Consultant?

An Early Childhood Consultant is a professional who offers guidance, support, and expertise to educators, parents, and organisations in the field of early childhood education. Their primary role is to ensure that young children receive quality early learning experiences that promote optimal development and prepare them for future academic success.

Who can benefit from Early Childhood Consultant services?

Various stakeholders can benefit from these services, including:


  • Childcare centres and preschools
  • Families and parents
  • Early childhood educators and caregivers
  • Community organisations
  • Policy makers focused on early education

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