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Opening a Childcare Centre in Sydney

Our Brand New Centre Start-Up Services are designed to make the process of opening a childcare centre or early learning education business as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Opening a Childcare Centre with Confidence

Opening a childcare centre or early learning education business is an exciting venture, filled with possibilities and new horizons. At The ECE Agency, based in Sydney, we bring a comprehensive suite of offerings to assist you on this path.

  • Provider Application Assistance: Navigate the application process seamlessly. We ensure every document is accurate, complete, and submitted on schedule.
  • Planning, Design & Fit-Out: Leveraging our extensive experience in ECE business setup and Interior Architecture knowledge, we provide unmatched guidance from the conception phase onwards.
  • Resource Procurement: Equip your centre with top-tier learning materials, innovative equipment, and essential supplies to foster an enriching environment for every child.
  • Strategic Marketing Initiatives: Put your centre on the map with targeted marketing strategies.
  • Recruitment Excellence: We ensure your centre is staffed with passionate, qualified professionals.
  • End-to-End Compliance Support: With our deep understanding of regulatory requirements, we ensure your centre stands tall during the Service Approval Visit and beyond.
  • Curriculum Development: Whether you need a custom-designed curriculum or initial templates, we ensure your educational programmes are top-tier.
  • New Centre Start-Up Support Packages: Our 3 or 6-month support packages ensure your centre thrives from day one. Our Early Learning Specialists offer consistent support, training, and mentorship during the crucial initial months.

Australia-Wide Remote Assistance

Although our roots are anchored in Sydney, our dedication extends far and wide. Recognising the contemporary digital age and the widespread need for quality early learning centres, we are proud to offer our services remotely, catering to passionate entrepreneurs Australia-wide.


No matter where you’re located, the expertise and commitment of The ECE Agency are merely a click away. Our virtual consultations, digital resource deliveries and remote support ensure that distance never becomes a barrier to realising your dream. Let’s work together, moulding the future of early childhood education in Australia.


Ready to transform your early learning vision into reality? From design to deployment, we’ve got you covered. Dive into a hassle-free experience with our expert guidance. Take the next step now and ensure your centre’s success from day one.


What Qualifications DO You Need to Open a Childcare Centre?

When starting a childcare business, it’s best to have some experience with working in different early childhood settings and be qualified to own a childcare centre. Having a degree isn’t essential to own a childcare centre, however, a Diploma qualification would enable you to understand the ins and outs of responsibilities within a centre. Along with a qualification you will also require:


  • a Police/Criminal check
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Current Working With Children’s Check
  • Current Anaphylaxis training


Being a qualified owner is beneficial as you will be aware of what is required and meet the needs of the educators and families. It also provides trust in staff knowing you are qualified to own a centre. 

Provider Approval & Service Approval

Provider Approval - Before operating an early childhood service, you will need to obtain a 'provider approval.' This is an application process conducted by the Regulatory Authority. This process will examine whether you are a fit and proper person to be involved in the provision of an early childhood service. This is nationally recognised. To be deemed as a fit and proper person, you will be assessed on your history of compliance with current education and care service law, undergo a criminal history check and inquired on bankruptcy issues. Once submitted, you will receive a result in 60 days.

For more information on Provider Approvals:

Service Approvals
– If your application is successful as an approved provider, you may apply to the Regulatory Authority for service approval. Service approval is needed if you will be the operator of the service and will be responsible for the management of the service. This application requires details on the type of service you will be managing, insurance, permits, policies and procedures, etc.

For more information on Service Approvals:

How Do I Open a Childcare Centre?

Opening a childcare centre involves a structured process:


  1. Research & Planning: Understand your local market, identify needs, and develop a business plan.
  2. Secure Qualifications: Ensure you have the necessary educational and professional qualifications.
  3. Choose a Location: Find a suitable location, keeping in mind safety, accessibility, and size requirements.
  4. Obtain Licenses & Permits: Apply for the necessary licenses and permits, adhering to local and national regulations.
  5. Design & Setup: Tailor your centre's design to be child-friendly, engaging, and compliant with standards.
  6. Hire Staff: Recruit qualified and passionate educators and staff, ensuring background checks and qualifications are in order.
  7. Develop a Curriculum: Design or adapt an educational curriculum that aligns with developmental milestones and local standards.
  8. Marketing & Enrollment: Launch marketing campaigns to attract parents and enroll children.
  9. Continuous Monitoring & Improvement: Regularly review and adapt to feedback, ensuring the best care and education for the children.


Remember, each step might have additional details based on regional regulations, so it's crucial to consult local guidelines and perhaps seek advice from industry experts.

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